Upgrade pc or not?

Hi guys,

Earlier this year I decided I'd like to but a gaming pc and bought myself an Alienware Aurora R4,I've since realised this was a mistake as I could of got the parts and either built a cheaper one myself or payed to have it built and did that for my children this christmas.

The reason for my post is I'd like the pc to last as long as possible, apart from having to upgrade the gpu now and then,but am I limited by the size of the aurora case etc?
And the water cooler bothers me now I understand more because of leaks,so should I have the mobo taken out and put in a new case with a decent fan such as a Noctua d14 or am I just wasting money since it's only 10 months old?

I'm not sure I'd have the room in the r4 case to replace the water cooler with a noctua.

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  2. You probably don't have to do a thing. I'm usually against buying prebuilt PC but since you've already bought it, it doesn't matter. In fact, changing any parts in your PC right now might void the warranty of the system itself.

    Your PC looks good, just keep it that way.
  3. Hey villanut.

    That sure looks like a fine system to me.
    Does it leak or are you just afraid it might?

    I would no do anything for a couple of years at least...


  4. Thanks for the replies guys,it's fine at the moment Newf but I'm worried it might leak.

    So should I leave the system alone then and maybe just put an ssd in?
  5. Sure, why not add an SSD. Maybe for windows or steam drive
  6. Freakin prebuilt systems. i7 and GTX 680 paired with 1066mhz RAM.

    Go into your BIOS and see if you can clock that RAM up to 1600. If not, spend a bit of money (less than $50) for 1600mhz RAM, assuming that the stock MOBO supports it. It'll give you a performance boost in an otherwise sound system.

    Aside from that, adding an SSD is the only real improvement I can see.
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