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AMD Radeon 7850 Opinion

I wanted to see what kind of FPS i would get on this card: on games like GTA 4, Crysis 2, and Battlefield 3.
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  1. The GTA 4 one is for the 2GB version. Any for the 1GB, or does the graphics RAM really matter (in reference to FPS) for one monitor?
  2. Best answer 2 Gb 1 Gb

    Bf3 so that will be nearly the same. just some fps increase
  3. dont forget new ATI driver 12.11 will boost 15% in BF3 so it will be different

    i have XFX double D 2GB it worth it to get
  4. WILL boost. Thats not yet sure. Must be tried somewhere Ati released beta drivers but they had bug's so they retired them. Must wait more to be sure
  5. extra ram will only help with higher resolutions.. 1gb would prob be enough for 1080p but anything higher and you'd want 2
  6. 1GB of vRAM will cripple you in games. BF3 uses at least 1.5GB of vRAM at 1080p along with Crysis 2, especially once you pump up the AF. I'd get nothing lower than a 7950 or ideally, 7970Ghz edition or a 680. Bottom line, don't bother. Games next year will swallow as much as you can throw at them too - think GTA 5 and Crysis 3 etc.
  7. OK, Thanks everybody!
  8. Np ;)
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