Broken Radeon 7850 or can my setup not handle it?


I recently got a Radeon 7850 but my monitor is not getting any input signal from it when I have it installed. I believe that perhaps I just got a bad video card because I know my monitor works fine with my old video card, and I have a 500W OCZ PSU which should be able to handle the card. Here is the computer I bought before I upgraded it with the 500W OCZ PSU:

Is there any other reason why the video card might not be working that I should check out before trying to return it to get a new one?
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  1. Did you plug in the 6 pin power to the GPU?
  2. Do the GPU fans spin when you turn on your computer?
  3. 500 watt psu should be fine. is it seated correctly. can you try a different 6 pin connector?
  4. samuelspark said:
    Do the GPU fans spin when you turn on your computer?

    Yes, the fan turns on. As a way of checking if perhaps my VGA to DVI adapter was broken, I also connected my desktop to my TV with an HDMI cable, and the TV wasn't getting any input either. Do these circumstances mean it's safe to say I just got a bad video card?

    To ern88:

    It seems to be seated correctly, and unfortunately I only have one 6 pin PCI E cord so I cannot try a different one to my PSU.
  5. Sounds like A bad card
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