Suggestion for this build

What do you think of this build?

motherboard actually is this one, which i couldn't find in the site :

Budget is 750$

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  1. Seems fine. I could nitpick on a couple things but if you already know what you're buying, then I suggest you just go ahead and buy them.
  2. Thanks Ezioas! Yes I checked the most common things several times but... I'm a new builder, and I may have forgot something! If you have something to nitpick, please do, it may save me some unwanted problems (:
  3. I would've get a 3570K and a CPU cooler so that I can overclock it (only if you're into overclocking). If you're not, then you could save a couple bucks by buying an H77 or B75 motherboard (depends on what you need). Also, a 3470 performs almost equal to a 3570, so you could also save a few bucks there.

    My rule of thumb is to always buy an aftermarket CPU cooler because I believe Intel stock coolers are terrible (loud and those plastic push pins, ugh). Get a cheap CPU cooler like a CM Hyper TX3 or Hyper 212+. But really, this is just me and it will be fine if you don't care about it so much. If you want to overclock though, it becomes a necessary and coolers I recommend are (from least to most) Hyper 212, Scythe Mugen 2, Thermaltake Frio and Noctua NH-D14.

    That's not the case that I would choose, though as long as it has enough vents and supports your motherboard, video card and coolers, it'll be fine. How much is the price of that case anyway?
  4. I'm not really into overclock for this build, since the additional fans, the CPU cooler, plus the Z77 and the K series will go out of budget :P

    Switched to 3470! Good suggestion! (saved like 30 bucks)

    I'm buying from a retail shop here, and i'm limited when it comes to the case. The Centurion V II is priced about 65 $ here. It supports the VGA and has space for coolers, but no USB3. Any ideas for a better case in the same price range?

    Thanks a lot for the help!
  5. Antec Three Hundred, Corsair 200R, Thermaltake Dokker or V4, CM Haf 912. Just throwing you some of the cheap cases out there. Though I guess the centurion is also fine
  6. The CM Haf 912 is a good case with excellent reviews.
  7. Thank you guys, in the end i decided to buy the BitFenix Shinobi. It looks like a good case, and i like the design! Thanks for all the help
  8. You're welcome. Good luck on your purchase and I hope you're satisfied with it ;)
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