Replaced PSU & inserted new video card, now no output even on old card

My motherboard:

My PSU, identical to the one I just replaced:

Old video card, GTX 275:

New video card, GTX 660:

1. Today I replaced my PSU since its been shutting down my system whenever I try to play Left4Dead 2, or at random when I'm not. The replacement process was easy. I also upgraded my video card since my old GTX 275 isn't produced anymore, and figured I could use a nice upgrade. Even after double checking my connections from PSU to video card, I wasn't getting any video output to my monitor with the GTX 660.

2. Took out 3 of 6 sticks of RAM because I suspected 3 were problematic lately, so I started w/my "safe" 6 gigs.

3. Tested monitor with my laptop; monitor isn't the issue. (EDIT: tried both DVI on GTX 660 and HDMI too)

4. Tried other PCI-E slots. Nothing.

5. Strangely, the GTX 660 only requires one PCI-E connector where the GTX 275 required two. Shouldn't be an issue.

6. Mobo fan and video card fans both running, so it is getting power. Everything sounds normal.

7. Swapped out GTX 660 with the old GTX 275, and now not getting any output even for the old card. WTF. Suggestions? Thoughts?
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  1. Check your motherboard power connections both ATX and CPU.
  2. As always check your caps. Way more likely it was the board.or card than It was the PSU
  3. Board isn't that old so I doubt it's the caps on the board. Try rebooting with one stick of ram. Try putting the old parts back in just to double check that it's not the new parts that are bad.
  4. Tomorrow I'm going to put in the old PSU, given I'm about to run for the evening. I really hoped the new PSU and old video card would have been enough to determine whats up. I can't imagine what the PSU is "hiding" if it'll give power to everything (or at least trick me that it is) but definitely wanna cut out my possibilities.

    Will the 1 stick of memory really make a difference as opposed to my original 3? Certainly I'll try that as well. I initially took out the latter 3 sticks/6 gigs of memory just because I suspect one of them is corrupt and will/would have slowly added them in.

    My sister in law's motherboard (exact same computer build as mine, as well as my brother's) died maybe 6 months ago, but it was dead upon startup. This mobo still shows life.
  5. For the record, just tried to revert to my old setup (old PSU, and video card) and no video output either. Everything is running, fans going, everything sounds right, yet there's no result. I did a walkthrough with my brother, and I'm not missing any connectors - no loose ends here.

    I guess I'm takin this to shitty Geek Squad just to get a better diagnosis before I end up getting a new mobo.
  6. Took my comp to Geek Squad (never thought I'd say that in my lifetime) and sure enough, all signs point to dead mobo. Thanks for all input guys.
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