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Accidentally disabled my wireless

and now it won't even recognize that i even have a wireles driver what do i do???
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  1. what happened was i was repairing my wireless connection and my computer logged itself off and now it won't connect and all and it says that i dont have a driver for it anymore

    what do i do???
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  3. Go into Control Panel>System then Hardware>Device Manager if XP or straight to Device Manager if Vista or Windows 7. Scroll through the list to Network Adapters and right click the wireless adapter. CLick the Driver tab and then on the Update Driver button and let it search the web for a replacement driver.

    If that fails, click the Details tab, then scroll to Hardware IDs and note down the four characters after VEN for Vendor and the four which follow DEV for Device. Go to and input those details in the relevant boxes and you should be led to the right manufacturer's site for the correct driver.

  4. ok im not very "tech" oriented i went to the website and enter the info but it didn't take me to a website that i could download the divers it wanted me input some information and im not sure were to look for the information at so if u could help a bit more that would be great


  5. The site is harder to navigate in some instances more than others, depending on what information the manufacturers provide. It might be quicker to post the VEN and DEV and I'll see if I can chase the driver down.

  6. VEN_14E4 & DEV_4318

    i think thats what u need

    edit: thankyou for trying to find this for me
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    Here you go:-

    Your DEV 4318 is second on the list in this group so pick your choice between Download 1 or 2 and you should get the righ tdriver from the safest place, which is always the manufacturer.

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  9. thankyou so very much saga
  10. lord_thanatos said:
    thankyou so very much saga

    You're very welcome and thanks for the BA.

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