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i want to assemble a totally gaming pc,i have a tight budget ,i was going to use my old lenovo 3000h series cabinet and 80 gb hard disk.
i only have to purchase a gpu,cpu,mobo,ram,psu.
i have selected hd 6670 as graphics card and amd fx 4100 as processor,for motherboard plz i am confused

is this ok?
and aslo suggest between 6850 and 6670
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  1. I'm from America so we use USD, so I'm not going to suggest much stuff for you to buy, because I have no idea if it is affordable for where you live, so I'll try my best.

    For one, an 80GB HDD won't last long, Windows will take up about 40GB, making your usuable HDD space only 40GBm but of course you could always just add a 2nd hard drive later.

    I would never recommend the FX-4100. Either get the Phenom II 965 or the FX-4300, both are upgrades. If you want to stretch your budget, get the FX-6300, it has 2 more cores and some extra cache space if I'm right, you might see a little bit of difference in-game over the 4300.

    For your video card, try grabbing a 7750, it will give you better FPS at 1080p, and is generally faster.
  2. which is better card 7750 hd or 6850 hd.?
    i have heard that nvidia graphics have good video quality,while amd are fast is it right?
  3. Definitely the 6850. The 7750 is a low level card.

    Why do you mean? Nvidia graphics look better whilst AMD's cards have a higher clock speed? Well that's somewhat true, except the part where Nvidia makes game look better. That's decided by the monitor. A 1920 x 1080p monitor will look a bit better than a 1440 x 1080p monitor, but a 2560 x 2048 monitor will look a LOT better than a 1920 x 1080p monitor.

    The part about AMD being faster is a bit true, as in there is a LOT of much more room to overclock. My 7870 came stock at 1150Mhz, and I cant crank it up to 1300Mhz easy. I Could probably do more, seeing a 7870 reach 1400Mhz isn't unusual. On a custom water cooler, oh man, the possibilities are endless. 1500Mhz? 1650mhz ? Who knows. But try that on a GTX 660 and watch it fry :lol:
  4. i have a 15 inch lcd 1366x768 ,what will you suggest 6670,6850,and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550 Ti 1 GB GDDR5?
    i want a card which supports all latest game like bf3,assain creed 3 and i can use the card for future also?i would prefer speed over looks.....suggest in my budget 150$
  5. $150 for psu/gpu/everything else? or just the gpu ._.
  6. just gpu frnd
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