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PCIe 3 vs 2 Video Card


I have an i7-980X, and my motherboard only supports PCIe 2.0x16. I'm looking to upgrade my video card and I like the GTX 660 ( but I see it's only PCIe 3.

I read in another thread ( that the card should still be compatible with my system, but the speed per lane is going to drop from 1GBps to 500MBps.

Are there any other performance losses I would incur from using a 2.0 bus?
Would I be better off getting a GTX 570 at 2.0 and save $30-40?

I confess, I do not know as much about video cards as I'd like to.

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    there are no performance lossess. the only thing pci-e lanes turn on is the max speed of data transfer in the lane(i.e pci-e 3.0 at x4 ~= pci-e 2.0 at x8). Gpus atm do not saturate the pci-e 2.0 slot enough, to the point where the only real performance gain is when large crossfire/sli setups of high tier cards are involved.
  2. A thoughtful answer, and just what I wanted to hear! Thanks so much!
  3. That's a crazy processor you got there :) pci-e 2.0 vs pci-e 3.0 so far hasn't turned out to create a very significant bottle neck on GPUs:

    gtx 660 vs a gtx 570... depends how much $30 is worth to I guess.

    In this review Toms actually compares the 2,3297-24.html
  4. Thanks Formata! That's great info!
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