What video card can I upgrade my computer to?

I have a GeForce 9500 GT and have been able to play alot of games good but I'd like to get a video card below $200 that can fit my case. Is there such thing as a large PCI express or a small PCI express card? I have a HP p6228p, Mid Size ATX case. I also have a 300w power supply

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  1. If you measure the clearing from the back of your case to the front will help better to pick a card or at least until you run into anything such as the drive bays etc, most cards out now will fit in a mid tower case. The only problem would be the 300w PSU, a lot of cards only need a minimum of 300 but having the "minimum" isnt what alot of people would recommend.
  2. With only 300 watts its gonna be hard to find a card newer to do that. But i suppose its possible. a GT series from NVIDIA would be fine. Also amd 6670 and 7750 might be ok. but still 300 watts is tight
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