New 700 series nvidia and 8000amd should i wait

going to build first pc for skyrim with hd 2k texture mod i heard 2gb 680 hits frame buffer. should iwait for new series or go ahead and get 680 (if so 2 or 4gb ). when do u predict new series because i wont have money til december and want to max bf4 and teso. srry im typing on xbox
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  1. if you're not buying new card until at least next march then wait. if you need it now just go with current gen. IMHO don't play the wait game.
  2. well 2gb or 4 680
  3. if you're really concern about not having enough VRAM then just go for the 4GB model. what is your res? does 2GB of VRAM not enough for Skyrim (with mod) even at 1080p?
  4. i heard it caps in towns with lot of objects plus im pairing with many other mods is the 4gb neccesary what happens when it caps
  5. better safe than sorry. if you think 2GB going to limit you then go for the 4GB model
  6. If you are not getting the performance out of what you have, I say upgrade now. There is always something new around the corner. The extra memory is 40 bucks more. In most games it won't perform better, but I don't know about texture mods for Skyrim, so if its worth it, I say go for it.
  7. 2GB is definitely enough for 1080p...
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    Ironslice said:
    2GB is definitely enough for 1080p...

    99.9% of the time it is.

    However, this guy likes to use the super-high resolution texture packs for skyrim that have almost zero compression.

    It just so happens that would be the 0.01% where 2GB of VRAM can be a bottleneck during some scenes.

    I tried using the texture pack on my video card, and it eats VRAM for breakfast causing terrible stuttering.

    This would be the singular case where 4GB of VRAM would make a significant difference (or even a difference at all for that matter.) over a card with 2GB.
  9. 2GB is not enough at 1080p if you heavily mod skyrim....
  10. 7970 Ghz has 3gb for about $100 cheaper.
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  12. thanks all you guys
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