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Evga gtx 670 FTW vs Radeon 7950

So I've been meaning to get evga's FTW edition of the GTX 670, but now that I've noticed that the 7950 isn't that far behind in terms of performance; I really don't know which card to chose. Plus the 7950 is like 50 dollars cheaper

here's the two I've been looking at:



What's your opinion on which one would be the better buy?
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    The GTX 670 is better but it's also more expensive, I would get it. That 670 FTW is pre-overclocked and is a little bit faster than a 680 already.
  2. Well it is just a matter of money. Both cards are good and the HD7950 is not exactly struggling with current games + they have the game promotion now with those cards.
  3. Honestly, I would still get the EVGA 670 FTW one because its from EVGA and because its a better binned PCB/card.

    IF money is an issue, then I wouldn't hesitate to get the 7950 though.
  4. Neither is the 660 ti struggling in games which retails for $20 less than a 7950 in newegg.Does that mean people shouldn't buy a 670?
    At the performance level of a 670,its the best bang for the buck.
  5. GTX 670 FTW!

    IF money is an issue, then 7950 is a great choice as well.
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