Will my desktop handle nvidia gts450?

Hi all, i've been wanting to upgrade my pc by replacing my graphics card. i know some of you will say buy new pc but right now i don't have enough money to invest in a new gaming machine. it will take a year for me to save 500-700dollars.

here are some of my specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo E7550 @ 2.93ghz
4gb Kingston DDR2 ram @800mhz
Samsung SATA 160gb(idk what rpm)
nvidia geforce 9400gt 1gb(yeah i know its trash)
ECS Elitegroup Motherboard G31T-M (V1.0)

I don't know what my PSU wattage is but i will provide as soon as christmas break starts.
btw, i want to replace my nvidia geforce 9400gt with the Inno3d nvidia geforce gts450 from my friend for about 45dollars.
It is about a month old cause he let me see the receipt and its at very good working condition. I already used his dektop(about the same spec as mine but he has core 2 quad).

Will my desktop handle the gts450? and is it a good deal from my friend?
Thanks in advance
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  1. sure it will just make sure you got the right PSU. about the deal i think it should be fine. even brand new 6670 cost around $65.
  2. hey my friend just gave me his gts 450 (DDR3) version. its a very nice upgrade from my 9400gt. i can play gts 4 on 720p high settings, coh: of on 720p high settings too.
    since i got money, i want to upgrade to the ddr5 version as i have researched that the ddr3 version got a huge cut in the memory bandwidth.

    btw, here is my psu. i think its a generic one.

    Orion ATX-500W ATX 2.3(P4)

    Voltage Current Frequency
    AC Input 230V 4A (sorry i forgot)
    DC Output +12V +5V -12V -5v +3.3V +5V
    26A 16A 0.6A 0.8A 22A 15A

    Im not really sure if these are the amps on the psu because i just memorized them and i have to go back to my university for the meantime.

    Uhm, i got additional questions:

    1. If I upgraded to the DDR5 Version, will i get more performance? Is it worth it?
    2. Are there any other cards with better performance which my PSU can support?
    3. I saw the nvidia GTX550-TI, is it better than the gts450?

    my budget range is 100-150$ and my processor is E7500 and not E7550 sorry for the error. :)

    Thanks in advance again
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