Can this pc run most games?

I am looking into buying a PC in the next 2 weeks and i have decided which specs i am going to have (if they are good enough)


Intel core i5 3570 (3.4ghz)
8GB ram (1600Mhz)
2TB Hard Drive
Nivida GTX 650 TI 1gb
1600 x 900 screen res (hoping to upgrade to full HD)

The only thing i am worried about is if this PC will be able to run all the games i throw at it like...


I would like to be able to run these games at at least ultra (even if i have to go down a bit to stop lag). Also i can not build my own PC and these are the best specs i can get for the money (£700 including windows 7). I was also wondering if there is any good shops that sell PC's in the UK because i cannot seem to find many that sell good PC's for a good price.
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  1. If you can afford it, you should get at least a 660ti or even better a 670. You'll be able to run those games fine on high settings at 1600x900, but if you get full HD you'll need the extra power to play with high settings.
  2. I'm sure someone will pcpartpicker this thread to death in a minute but basically you really need to put it together yourself. It is a lot easier than it first appears and you will spend much less money and end up with a much better computer. If you are concerned about breaking bits when fitting them offer a reasonably priced insurance service with everything they sell so if you do somehow break it you can send it back.

    The specs that most manufacturers post on their websites give you call the numbers but do not tell you what actual componants they are using. You rarely know what motherboard or PSU they are putting in and to keep profit margins up they will probably be naff.
  3. at 1600 x 900 screen resolution i think you should be fine, but 1080p you will be able to play some at high but all at medium. if you have some money to spare it is cheaper to add some more and go with a better gpu than upgrading later but it is really all up to you to decide on this matter.
  4. Yeah I doubt you'll have any problems AT ALL with running those games on high/ultra.
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