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GTX 580 Dead/Bricked? (wont boot)

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November 18, 2012 6:12:49 AM

my GTX 580 SOC has decided to stop working..

My Specs (scroll down and click 'toggle specs')
my "main editing pc" is the one im talking about and the seccondary pc is what i used to test the 580 (< - read on)

Im thinking theres a short circuit somewhere in the board.. I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that it is indeed broken.

ok so i had to test another gpu in my build (geforce 8800 gts) they both run on the same drivers so why not..

i put the 8800 in it had some problems but that was expected (dont worry bout this) i put my gtx 580 in my seccond build for gigs, worked fine..

so i switched everything back to normal.. and all is good..

i then decided to test the 8800 in my main rig later on.. put it in, same problem, switched back to the 580 and we no longer boot

the fans start for a quarter of a seccond on the psu and cpu.. other fans dont start (probably not enough time to react). if i press the power button after this, i get nothing.. if i unplug and turn off the psu then reconect and power on again, the fans do the same thing..

If i leave the card in the pci slot and unplug the 6+8 pin power, it boots... but obviously wont display anything becuase the 580 isnt getting its power..

I have since tried the 580 in my other rig (psu on other rig isnt powerfull enough so i use the same psu as my main rig) same thing happens when i try to power my main rig on when its powering the 580 in my seccond rig. fans spin and stop..

I'm guessing its because the card short circuits or something causeing the psu to shut off instantly..

BTW i can run on integrated graphics, evedrythings fine.. i am sure drivers are fine, rams fine (tried it in 1 slot only, and tried other ram) everything functions evcept the 580.. AND if i put the 8800 in and power her up, it works untill it gets to the windows starting animation (but the 8800's f**k#d, dont worry about that, it just proves to me that the pci slot is working)
i have reset the bios to defaults, still the same

ALSO the 580's fans come on when its in the pci slot but not connected to power and the dual bios led (on the 580) comes on as it always does whenever its connected to pci..

PLEASE help, idk if its something small or whatever that i can fix.. or a small bug or something

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Best solution

a c 104 U Graphics card
November 18, 2012 6:39:22 AM

If you can't get your hands on another PSU RMA the card. You probably fried it while messing with it.
November 18, 2012 7:32:18 AM

unksol said:
If you can't get your hands on another PSU RMA the card. You probably fried it while messing with it.

unfortunatley i dont have another psu that will power it sufficiently :( 

yeh i think i did fry it lol.. just suprising that fans/lights work as normal..

Anyone else got any ideas before I contact gigabyte for a new one?
November 25, 2012 1:25:55 AM

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