Unable to get mini display port adapters to work for HD7770 1GB

I can get the DVI and the HDMI to send a signal just fine but neither of the two mini display adapters work...I truly feel like I am losing my mind. Any suggestions?
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  1. The obvious first question would be how are you attempting to connect the mini-DP to your screen(s)? Mini-DP to mini-DP, or are you using an adapter to change it to DVI or something else? If you're using an adapter, is it an active one or a passive one?
  2. also what resolution are you using?
  3. Kari said:
    also what resolution are you using?

    To add to that are trying to do Eyefinity or just 3 monitors? For eyefinity to work all 3 monitors need to be the same native resolution.
  4. I was trying to go from Mini-DP to DVI, HD resolution, only trying to do three monitors, since two are the same and one is not, Eyefinity would have been impossible. I ended up putting my GTX 260 back in and adding a cheap dual DVI card and was able to get an extended/shared desktop to all three monitors. Cheaper and easier than SLI I think.
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