A Question About AMD's 7770

Hello Toms Hardware Community,
I am Getting an AMD 7770 and I Will be Using a Lot of Sony Vegas Pro 12...
So I would Like to Know If the AMD 7770 Is Supported For GPU Rendering via OpenCl
or sould I go for the Nvidia equal the GTX 650.......
If someone has a 7770 and uses Sony Vegas could you please tell me if it works?

If it is supported could I see some evidence? and benchmarks....

This is Also my First PC Build . :D

Thank You
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  1. http://www.clbenchmark.com/device-info.jsp?config=11973318


    According to this benchmarks u are better going with an Nvidia card if u are going to use OpenCl.

    650/650Ti would be a great choice. Its all about ur budget
  2. If I get AMD I ill use OpenCl and if I go Nvidia ill use Cuda
  3. As i know sony vegas is used more for video editing ?

    Than read all the review plz .

    Nvidia own's a video editing.

    Ati own's at image editing.

    Sure im talking about 7850 and above. 7770 its not meant do to that .and its weaker than 650 ti at both image and video editing

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