Using 4 Molex or 2 6 pin connectors?

I just bought a 560 Ti YAY! and a 550 watt PSU WITH NO 6 PIN POWER CONNECTORS OH NO!
The PSU I got comes with one 2molex>6 pin and I wanted to know if I can just buy another adapter because the psu has 4 molex connectors.
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  1. Probably should list the PSU
  2. I wouldn't do it. A 550 watter with no 6-pin connectors means trouble. It wasn't created to accommodate a graphics card with single 6-pin connector, and a card with two connector requirements would be overkill for it - it might cause fireworks inside of your PC.

    I suggest you get a new power supply unit.
  3. Don't use that PSU. It has only 25 amperes on 12V rail, which means 300 watts of power for your motherboard, CPU and graphics card. Since GTX 560 Ti peaks at 200 watts under load, that PSU might explode under that load. Please, save yourself some trouble and get a power supply like this one:

    It's at $39.99 after rebates.
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