GTX 680 low FPS

Hi, I've recently bought an EVGA geforce gtx680 2gb superclocked. With certain games like Skyrim my fps drop to below 40 fps.
CPU: i7930 2.8 ghz
GPU: EVGA geforce gtx680 2gb superclocked
memory : 8gb 1333mhz
HDD: 1 tb
PSU: 720 watt
motherboard: Intel DX58SO

Could it be that my CPU is bottlenecking with GPU? If so, will it help to overclock my CPU?

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  1. What resolution are you playing on ? And what other games did you test aside from Skyrim ?
  2. What resolution are you playing on ?I have 670 SLI and get around 80 fps it dips to around 65 fps sometimes.
  3. Overclock the CPU. Skyrim is extremely CPU dependent.

  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I'm playing on 1920 x 1080. I am getting good fps, but when I am standing on the highest point of Whiterun and I am looking over Whiterun, the fps drop to 40 or below. I've also tested it on Assassin's Creed Revelations and I am having the same problem when looking over the city from the rooftops. I am getting good fps in Saints Row 3, but again when I am looking over the city or when there is a lot of objects in my field of view, then the fps drop to around 40. Battlefield 3 - no problem, getting 60 fps +.

    Thank you
  5. Your CPU is holding the performance back(most noticeable in AC/SR3 clouded places)
    So upgrading it would give you a notable boost in performance but if you can't upgrade,there is nothing to worry about. 30+ FPS is easily playable
  6. I tend to agree with Maziar.I don't have Assassin's Creed so i can not test it.I have BF3 i never dip that low lowest it goes on me is around 50fps with a single MSI 670 PE 1920 x 1080 so it's your cpu imo.
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