First time build - All SSDs

First time build.

Motherboard: AsRock Extreme6 or MSI GD65 (I want at least four 6 GB/s storage spaces)
Processor: i5 3570K (this and MB from Microcenter for the MB/CPU deal)
CPU cooler: Hyper 212 (acquired for free)
Memory: 8 or 16 GB high quality and fast. Suggestions would be helpful.
Graphics: XFX 7870 (bought this on sale, as I don’t see a reason to spend almost double on a 7970)
Optical: Whatever is on sale.
Case: Corsair Obsidian 550D (bought on sale)
Storage: 2 Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB SSDs (no HDD)

Overclocking: Yes, but I don’t have to run it up to the bleeding edge of chip failure.

Use: gaming, work (MS Office), minor photoshop use and video editing (couple times a month – not professional level by any means), web surfing, media center (just music for now, but may add movies in the future)

I plan on expanding the storage as needed. There are still two 6 GB/s storage spaces open on this build for expansion.

Budget is roughly $900 not counting what I have already purchased/acquired.

Any negatives, issues, problems, etc. with this build?
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  1. Sorry, posted this previously. I am having issues with the forum telling me my previous question didn't post...even when it did. And, I can't erase it, as this isn't showing up in my profile as a thread I started.
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