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660 ti SLI Help

Hello I recently bought a computer with 2 660ti's(Bought within a week ago, this problem is just happening)
Everything was fine, SLI worked, temps were ok, driver installed fine.

I went to disable SLI and the monitor went black like normal.. but it didnt come back on.
So I restarted comp and it booted from igpu, then shutdown comp.. took off sli bridge, took out gpu, put back in.
Tried booting, no changes
So i go to device manager and see /!\ on the first 660ti "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"
Then I switched the gpus spots
Isnt booting from igpu anymore, but now device manager is showing(now 2nd gpu, was first... switched them) 2nd gpu as standard vga adapter. Nvidia control panel does not recognize 2nd graphics card.

IDK what the problem is, when I was first setting up sli, there were no problems when disabling/enabling SLI. I made sure it was working properly.
I think when I disabled SLI, nvidia control panel told the slot 1(now slot 2...switched them) gpu to turn off instead of the slot 2(now slot 1 and it is working fine)
Tried everything, google search results had nothing like this.

Fans are on on the 2nd gpu(Was in slot 1, now is in 2)

Computer specs:
cpu: 3570k @ 4.2ghz
gpu: 660ti + 660ti
psu: 750watt
os: windows 7 64bit
ram: 8gb @ 1600
hdd: 256gb ssd + 256gb sdd - raid 0
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