What upgrade should I do?

I recently built a computer using some new parts and a few old ones. I am facing the question of what to do with my remaining money to get the best performance upgrade. Here are my options. Replace my current RAM for a set of 1800 Ripjaws 16GB ddr3. My next is to get an SSD probably a Samsung 840. Finally, I could get a second GTX550 ti and do a SLI configuration. Here are my specs:

FX 6300 Vishera
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
Asus M5A99X EVO
4 GB GSkill Ripjaws RAM 1333
4 GB Asus RAM 1333
Seagate Barracuda ST310005 28AS (1000GB)
OCZ ZS Series 750W 80PLUS PSU

I appreciate any help! Thanks.
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  1. oh, this is primarily for gaming
  2. I would upgrade the gpu to a more powerful single one instead of going the sli route.
  3. Would you do that over the other two options?
  4. Go with better ram but you don't need 16gb get an 8gb set for around $40(link below). And get a more powerful single video card. Please let me know what your budget for upgrades is.
  5. 8GB of RAM is enough for most applications, so unless it is running in single channel mode I wouldn't bother with the RAM upgrade. I agree with zooted that you should get a better single GPU rather than SLI, you will see a greater performance increase. Next, is the SSD. You have to decide whether gaming performance is more important or general system snappiness is more important. An SSD isn't going to do much for gaming other than reduce the load times, where a graphics card will have much more impact on games. The SSD will only help windows boot faster and applications to load faster. As far as that goes, decide which is more important and you will have your answer.
  6. A SSD isn't going to do anything for FPS, but it will certainly be the most noticeable upgrade without question.
  7. It'll be 180.00 tops. So its not a huge budget.
  8. Also, I suppose if I decide to sell the GPU that'll add another 60.00 or so bucks. If I can sell it, I feel like it can be hard to sell used computer parts.
  9. Try to get the XFX 7870 GHz gpu for $250. It offers excellent bang for buck and rivals the 660 Ti
  10. I'll take a look, thanks!
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