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Hi everyone, this is my first post, so please correct anything I do wrong.

I reccent bought the ASUS G75VW and I am enjoying it heaps! It has 16gb RAM, a 3rd Gen i7 Processor and has a Nividia Geforce Gtx 670m graphics card with 3gb of graphics memory. I reccently bought Crysis 2, and have been playing it on my laptop. When I run Crysis 2 at high the high setting, with Directx 10 and no HD textures, 1920 x 1080 resolution and Vsnyc on, I get about 40-60 fps most of the time. I have been watching videos and such on the computer and/or card and I seem to be finding that the computers shown in the videos are getting higher fps on higher graphics, is there a simple site where I see what fps certain cards/computers get on certain games. Or can you guys help me out? What would make a identical graphics card perform better than its twin on a identical laptop?

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  1. You can enable settings in the game to display live FPS in the corner of you screen. V sync improves the quality of the display on screen (reduces visual tearing, etc) but locks your frame rate to that of your laptops. You can probably get more frames per second, but there is no point, your screen is probably 60Hz, which means it can display 60 frames per second max, meaning any extra is a waste as your display cannot really show them to you. If you have lower frames per second (20-30), getting rid of V sync may raise them a bit.
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