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hi im wondering is the gtx 560ti any good for 1280x1024 and for this games bf3.mafia 2 gta 4 sleeping dogs
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  1. Yes, it's great. Though, you might want to go for GTX 660 instead, as it's around 25% faster than GTX 560 Ti and costs the same.
  2. well i can get a gtx 560ti for $125
  3. Whats the rest of your system ?
  4. i3 2120 4gb ddr3 ram corsair cx 600 psu
  5. Sure for 125$ its great. I have it and clocked really high i get FPS increase. Even on stock 900/2050 i get lots of FPS.

    In my case G620 Is blocking me in BF3 to 35+ Fps normally 50+.

    But your i3 would do better than my G620.

    So IMO u should get it :)

    I3 2120 Vs G620.
  6. so u think it be great for my pc
  7. Yes i do. Its great for min to :)

    All the games i played i maxed them easily. Gpu going max 60% only on BF3 99 :p

    And it stays cool . On Bf3 65 C other game 50 C on 60% fan.

    U can find more info about my games at . Search my profile at the same name and see my results.
  8. ok thanks
  9. at 1280x1024 you will be very happy with that card had GTX 560 sc for a long time at 1920x1080 and was very happy
  10. ok cool thanks
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