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Hello internet! I have lots of questions for you, but I'll try to keep it short and easy to read. As usual, sorry if this is the wrong category/sub-category, I couldn't find any better ones :P

So here's what I'm trying to do:

Currently I have a 24 inch LCD monitor at 1080p resolution and I've decided that I want to upgrade to three monitors! But, of course, there are a few problems.

The first problem is; the monitors I want to buy are also 24 inch at 1080p, however they're backlit by LED. To be more specific, it's the LG E2442V I'm going to buy. So would it look weird if I mixed LED and LCD monitors? What's the worst case scenario? That I have to adjust the brightness and sharpness levels, or is it just going to look like an uncontrollable circus?

Second problem/question; To use three monitors at once, I can't use DVI, HDMI and VGA on more than two monitors at once (which I know thanks to HugoStiglitz). So I'll need to use a mini displayport to connect at least one of the monitors. At first, I looked at an adaptor from Kanex, it looks like this:
(the site is Swedish, but you can still see the picture of it :P)

But if I was to buy that one, I'd need to buy cables too, which now seems like a waste of money. Instead, I found this thing: https://www.deltaco.se/menu/295/296/products/categories.aspx

It's a three meter long HDMI - mini displayport cable. However, I need active cables, and I'm not sure whether these are active or passive.

So short story, the question is: do you know if this cable is active or passive? If not, how do I tell? The product specifications don't say that.

My graphics card is an MSI R6950 2gb twin frozr III pe/oc (I've overclocked it to the max). It has two DVI ports, one dual and one single link, one HDMI port and two mini displayport.
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  1. :hello: welcome to eyefinity!

    monitors- it would look different yes, but i would just make sure your current monitor is in the center, with the 2 new ones on the outside. Since they are not in the main focus of your vision anyway, you probably wont notice it that much.

    As far as dongles, its hard to say. Normally if they dont broadcast as being active, then they probably arent.

    I havent seen a mini dp to dvi cable that has been active, but they may be out there.

    these are the adapters i use for eyefinity on my 7950 (certified by amd for eyefinity)


    Check out this page

    Its all of the certified dongles off AMD's website.

    good luck with your new eyefinity setup!
    ask if youve got any more questions :D
  2. Thanks for the help! So I got my monitors, the cables and the adaptor. But now I can't get all three monitors to work at once. All three monitors are detected, but when I try to expand the desktop to all three montiors I get a message saying "Unable to save display settings". I know this is a pretty common issue, but none of the solutions I've found so far work. Another problem is that the new monitors have got black borders all around them.

    When I make an eyefinity group, the option to make it 3:1 just isn't there.

    Any suggestions?
  3. What connections are you using for the monitors?
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