In CCC I set res' over monitors capability, need help please

oh and running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
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More about monitors capability please
  1. because for a few months now I made a deal with my brother that if I let him use my monitor for a few months and in exchange I get his 19inch 1280x1024 monitor and he pays for a brand new 1080p monitor for me after

    so yeah I have this shitty display and even at 1280x1024 the taskbar looks stretched so I'm bored and I find a resolution thing in CCC, it says my monitor is capable of 1600x900(this monitor is like 5:4 so that cant be right), anyway I try 1600x900 and it works, but obviously its overscaled and I can only see a quarter of the screen

    Anyway, I decide to try something like 1136x943 or something stupid, then the TV just says "out of range -4khz +5.34hz" or something like that etc.

    So I leave it for about 2 minutes hoping it returns back to 1280x1024 by default and it doesn't... so I press ESC and desperately try to find the option without a display with no results so I restart and the resolution is the same out of range... so I go into bios and set onboard GPU as main display and here I am using that to type this up

    I've tried going into safe mode, uninstalling drivers by manually deleting all app data and C:\program files ATI/AMD files and using the installer to remove all files without results.

    Can anyone help? How can AMD make it so simple to *** everything up without so much as a warning or a failsafe.

    PLEASE help, any suggestions would be good, I'm using a Goodmans 19inch HDTV and a Asus HD 6850(mark2) 1GB
  2. For anyone google'ing the problem, I fixed it by hooking it up to a separate monitor and then adjusted the permanent resolution thing in CCC to the resolution of the monitor I had the problem on, swapped it over and it worked.

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