Drivers for windows 8 on dell inspiron 9300

I downloaded the Windows 8 upgrade (from Vista) off the net. What drivers are best for this system?
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  1. What is the graphics card?
  2. Navidia Radeon X300
  3. Hi, I searched every where and I had your problem too. I previously used 10-02_legacy_xp32-64_dd_ccc and mobility modder to install the Radeon x300 on windows 7 but they don't work (in any way you try) in windows 8.
    Here what worked:
    1-Get the zipped copy of 10-02_legacy_vista32-64_dd_ccc and copy the unzip folder to
    C: ATI, and
    C:Program files: ATI, but DON'T INSTALL anything.
    2-Right click on the scree, select screen resolution, monitor, advance options, update drive, select folder, have a disk, and then browse the c:program files, ATI folder and let the windows install it. Ignore windows complaint about the drive and install it anyway.

    You should have it working without even a reboot.
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