Heatsink for new build.

Ok so my build is gonna look something like this:

Asus Maximus V Formula motherboard
Intel i5-3570k
Asus Nvidia 680 GTX
8GB Corsair Vengeance Ram
Cooler Master HAF 912 Case

My question is basically what heat sink should go on this build? Remembering that I'd like it cooler than the stock heatsink, but there wont be much overclocking going on (if any). Bonus points for looks.
Some requirements:
- Not too big, Hyper 212+ ect are bigger than i want to go
- Under £25 is ideal
- IF it covers the first ram slot then there needs to be room for low profile ram in that slot (I.E not unusable)

Thanks for any help you can provide :)
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  1. let me fix some stuff first

    -get a cheaper motherboard such as a asrock extreme4. you arent going to use all the features so why pay the extra money
    -do not get a gtx 680 when a 670 performs the same. id suggest a msi power edition gtx 670.
    -there are cheaper ram options unless corsair is the cheapest. get the low profile ones
    -id get a better case such as a fractal R4 but then a 912 does the job

    id get a hyper 212 evo if you arent overclocking much. anything more would be a waste
  2. There are much better choices than the Z77 Formula, if you want extreme overclocks the Z77 OC Formula wins, for expandability and great overclock the G1.Sniper is the best. And for all around performance at a cheaper price the Z77A-GD65 wins. Asus ROG is sorely beaten at the Z77 area, but is dominant for X79/AMD.

    For modest/small overclocks like 4.0-4.6GHz a Hyper Evo is enough, but for larger ones(5GHz+) you'll want either high end closed loop, like H100i or Thermaltake water 2.0 extreme or H80i, or high end air like Noctua NH-D14 or Thermaltake Frio advanced. For high end air make sure to get low profile RAM, to do this with higher end RAM like Dominator, remove the upper area of the heatsink, or get dedicated low profile RAM.

    Instead of a HAF-912 I'd reccomend you a Corsair 300R or Antec 302 instead, those will have better airflow and have USB 3.0 Front panel. And integrated grommets for cable routing.

    For your GPU I'd reccomend a 7970GHz edition, it's priced cheaper than a GTX680 and when overclocked it's faster than the GTX680, not to mention it's superior DirectCompute/OpenGL, Better multimonitor/high res/AA/AF support, and much better scaling with CF/better overclocking.

    Make sure to get thermal paste, a lot of heatsinks, especially cheaper ones, dont come with any. Good ones are Tuniq TX-2, and Noctua NT-H1, if you want to spend more IC Diamond 24-carat and Dow corning are decent. I'd avoid no name ones like Rosewill and the like, also DO NOT use Arctic Silver 5, yes it's famous but it's outdated and easily outperformed by modern pastes like the ones mentioned above. Additionally it's conductive and can cause a short if not applied correctly.
  3. you are almost never going to get 5ghz without a custom loop. most chips will reach 80+ degrees with a h100i at 4.8ghz
  4. TheBigTroll said:
    you are almost never going to get 5ghz without a custom loop. most chips will reach 80+ degrees with a h100i at 4.8ghz

    Well every unit is different, I've seen someone get 5GHz on a mid end air(Frio).
  5. most of the reviewers chips dont hit that high and most of my family members chips dont hit 4.5ghz without going above 80c. my sample gets 4.5ghz at 50-60c at 1.19v but then it takes way more voltage to hit higher clocks
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