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Running two screen problem

November 18, 2012 1:07:39 PM

Hello/hi.. i bought a HP Pavilion m5750n 2008/2009
so it`s getting old but works
after a while i decided i wanted two screens
it was going fine until one day it just would not come on
the computer shows a blanks second screen but i can see in the background of the second screen the picture is there but it wont come in/stay on and some times come on at all but still in the back i can see it. I bought the splitter and it worked for a long time now its doing what i said wont show a bright pic .its in the background i can move one pic into it and i can only see a shadow of the contents it`s there
i changed the resolution around and around to make it work and i get it to come on but if my computer goes to sleep it stays off when i go to get back on

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