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Dell Inspiron 8400 Bad Video Card Replacement Help

I have a old Dell Inspiron 8400 that recently started beeping when booting up and the fan is very loud. There are 6 beeps. I looked this up on the Dell troubleshooting on the web site and it says that 6 beeps is the video card.

I removed the video card, which is E-G012-04-2366 (B). I presume that it needs to be replaced. I only use this desktop for an old dos based program that I cannot get to work on my laptop; no need for any high end graphics. I would rather not buy a used replacement. Would like some help with recommendations for a low end basic replacement card.

Thank you!
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    Here you go. It can even handle HD video, great for HTPC.

    Edit: The price is just $29.
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  3. Many thanks! Great price also :)
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