Best card for my system under 120$

Sometime in December(Christmas) i want to buy me a gift, a new video card. I want your advice for which is the best to upgrade my current system.
Current system:
4gb ram, 750gb hdd, intel quadcore cpu, gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L motherboard, Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT, 520w PSU
Games i currently play:
Black ops 2, NFS the run, AION, occasionally skyrim and Team fortress 2

My budget is a little strict this year at $120 BUT if you think a card is a really good deal a little above that price please do mention it.

This will be the LAST upgrade for my system for 2 years and after that i am building a brand new rig.
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  1. Best card under that budget is the HD 7770:

    Though, make sure your power supply unit has a 6-pin connector to power up the card :).
  2. i cannot currently check my psu for the 6-pin connector but i think the 7770 is a good choice thanks, what is the corresponding card from nVidia? Meaning it has about the same specifications as the HD7770 but with an nvidia chipset
  3. There isn't an equivalent. GTX 650 is a little bit slower (similar to HD 7750) and GTX 650 Ti is a bit faster (around 20%).

  4. what resolution are you playing at?

    Because a 7750 doesn't require any additional power besides whats provided by the pcie lane which is nice. It is on kind of the weak side if you like eye candy.
  5. inherendo said:
    what resolution are you playing at?

    I am currently playing at 1280×720 so i can have relatively high graphic settings but i have a monitor that can take me up to 2048×1080 HD
  6. Remember: higher resolution with lower settings looks better than lower resolution with higher settings.
  7. OMG all this time i thought it was the opposite :o
    thanks for the info
  8. Hehe no problem :).
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