Wierd flicker in windows!

ok For the last half year i'v had no problem with my computer what so ever. But the other day I installed Need for speed most wanted (2012) the new one... i started playing and everything was fine for about 10 minutes till i decided to do a "Donut burnout" which made alot of smoke ingame, and then the glitches started weird tearings towards the middle in different colors flickering insanely. So while the game was still running i hurried and quit the game through the game menu, which was also flickering. I restarted the computer. And it happend again after 20mins. But now windows/google chrome is acting up. Flickers when you scroll down, if you minimize anything it'll kind flicker back up for 5 secs before disappearing. Weird thing is that Skyrim Runs fine in ultra settings, so does Dawn of war 2, and DOOM 3 BFG edition. I've tried new drivers, temperature is max 69 degree Celcius in skyrim when i really push it with effects consistantly for 10 mins. And as i mentioned everything has workd fine till Need for speed most wanted.

I am running windows 8 pro 64 bit, with a new Asus gfx 560ti CUII (Bought at Diablo III launch day, so not that old) Intel core 2 duo CPU e6750 @ 2.66ghz / 2.66ghz, 6gb ddr 2 ram
2 monitors: Samsung Syncmaster 245b & LG Flatron e2360

Nothing has been overclocked. And I've left all settings for my GFX Default at all times.
Any suggestions? Is it really my relatively new GFX card that has crashed?
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  1. on a side note, it's not a psu issue, I've tried a 650w psu to feed only the gfx, while leaving my current 600w for the rest of the system.'
  2. Even i'm facing the same issue with NFS Most wanted 2012 and my specs are almost similar to yours Windows 8 pro 64 bit, MSI 560Ti 2GB, core 2 duo e8400 @ 3Ghz, 4 Gb ddr2 ram and i got a 700W Seasonic PSU. Flickering Only happens in this Game all other games work perfectly.
  3. For me it's only a problem in NFS MW 2012 as for games. But my windows 8 flickers after i tried NFS. Mostly when loading web pages and moving windows around on the desktop :(
    It gets better when i only have one monitor active though...
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    This appears to be an issue with the Nvidia 306.97/310.70 Driver Set. I'm thinking it's the PhysX, because Windows 8 downloads (Windows Update) 306.97 (no PhysX). And I was having no issues yesterday at 9PM. Then downloaded and installed the 310.70 (with PhysX) and powered down for the night, today I have the issue...though it's only in Chrome and only on YouTube and Live (aka Outlook, aka Hotmail).

    This issue crept up before and I thought it was an issue with installing NET 1.1 (DDO still uses it). But I had also just installed 306.97 (with PhysX) to update the PhysX that APB Reload appears to install.


    It appears the flickering is caused by setting SLI Rendering to anything other than 'NVIDIA Recommended'
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