Overheating problems

Hi, I've not really used my build for that much serious gaming before but now I am I'm getting some overheating issues.

I noticed my GPU was hitting 85 after a gaming session so I opened my PC and de-dusted everything. I then used the AMD control centre to put my GPU fans at 70%. My GPU now runs really cold even after a gaming session so I think that's one problem solved. The only problem with this is the fans are quite loud now but I can live with it.

The other problem I'm having now is my CPU, this runs hotter than everything else all the time. Even after idling for 20 minutes the CPU is about 15c higher than the CPU and about 10c higher than HDD/MB. After a gaming session the CPU maxes at about 75 but this seems way too high as the GPU is only 55-60c after what I did.

I think I may know what it is but I could do with some expertise, I am using the stock cooler and the paste is about 3 years old as I've never changed it (this PC is ~3-4years old now). I also have only one case fan as I had to take the other one out to make space for the GPU (if it was 1cm longer it wouldn't fit). Also the cables are quite messy, I've tried to neaten them but it's pretty difficult and I don't know if it's worth the effort.
There may be space for another case fan? There is a rectangular section cut from the case below the existing case fan I have but I'm not sure if this is just to allow the hot air to exit the machine or if it is space for another fan.

Any guidance on how to make my CPU in particular/entire system run cooler would be much appreciated,

Many thanks,


Build is: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz
8GB Ram
550W Earthwatts PSU (650 recommended for GPU)
2tb HDD
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  1. The quick and dirty fix is to remove your case side panel and see if it runs cooler. Next is to get an aftermarket cooler like a Hyper 212 evo and replace your stock cooler. You'll see some major improvement if you do that. And, of course, adding more case fan's can't hurt.
  2. Thanks zdbc I'll be sure to get an aftermarket cooler, will I need to get thermal paste too or will that come with the cooler? I'll be sure to try without the side panel to see how much of an impact that makes when I have some time.
  3. CoolerMaster includes good paste with their products. Good luck.
  4. Have you cleaned the inside of your PC? is it covered in dust?
  5. It was, I de-dusted it before making this post and identifying my CPU being hot
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