Need help upgrading computer parts for gaming

I need some help finding parts for my computer for gaming, not hardcore gaming just enough too have decent gameplay
with games like WoW or Aion.

My budget right now is around 300$ it's not too much but I'm sure it could upgrade some things.
Mainly i'm looking for more RAM, a better processor and graphics card :)
Here's my comp specs:

AMD Semptron Processor LE-1300 2.3GHZ


Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE – nForce 430

and here's a link to the details of my motherboard
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  1. If you're using oem (dell, hp) software, then figure a new windows coa in your budget. $69 shipped after rebate $105 after promo code $61

    Your new board may require a bios flash to run the 6100 cpu; you'll need an older am3 cpu such as a sempron 140 to flash before the board will post; it's a common problem. If you want to avoid this potential problem, get an older cpu such as this one: ($100) with this board: $87 shipped

    video card: $85 after rebate.

    You can go with less ram if you like, or with trinity amd and use the onboard video.
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