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guys i need help..please tell me whether assassins creed 3 will work on my amd 5450 1gb graphics card???....please help thnx.
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  1. As an slide show yes. HD5450 is not really a gaming card.
  2. brotherhood and revelations worked quite smoothly on it..
  3. Depends on resolution but give it a try.
  4. with 80 Stream Processors 1GB 64-bit DDR3 at what resolution did you play ? 800x600 or 640x480 @ lowish fps with low settings i think you better buy a new pc or play it on a console.
  5. i am playin on 1366x768..revelations worked quite smoothly but with brotherhood i had some issues with sound not matchin the lips of the character ..i dont exactly know the sttings but i am preety sure dat they wer medium..
  6. Give it a try. You may have to reduce some eye candy. Only you can decide!
  7. thnx for helping
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