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Hdmi connection between ati 5670 / samsung eh6030 3d tv.

I wanted to know if after connecting my Cpu running with (ati 5670 ) to my tv (Samsung Eh6030 ) via Hdmi cabel

1. Can this television emit audio taking input directly via cpu OR i need to attach extra speakers to cpu for audio .

2. I am running on core2duo e8300 cpu with 3gigs of ram . Can i expect to play normally any pc games in 3d smoothly Ex 720p .

I personally got no idea about hdmi connectivity . pls help me out.
thank you.
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    1. AMD graphics cards can transmit audio signal via HDMI. In order for audio and video to be transmitted, you need to make sure you've selected the 5670 as the output for audio via your computer's sound/volume preferences.

    2. It really depends on what type of games you're talking about. In general though your components are a bit dated.
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