Are these two cards SLI compatible?

I currently have an EVGA 560 ti superclocked card, and see that the EVGA 560 ti fpb (free performance boost) card is on sale right now. The superclocked version is a bit faster, so will these cards be compatible in SLI? And is it simply a matter of overclocking the fpb card to match the speeds of my current card to get the maximum value?

Here is a compare link between the two:

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  1. They should be able to be run in SLi together.
  2. Mousemonkey said:
    They should be able to be run in SLi together.

    Thanks. What about overclocking the FPB to match the Superclocked card? Is that possible?
  3. In SLI they will only run at the slowest cards speed.
  4. You can always use MSI Afterburner to match the clocks up if the drivers do not do it automatically.
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