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Good Holdover Card under $150?

I will not be building my new PC for a while since the job I applied for is still not concrete so it might not happen for a year. I just want a nice card over my VERY old GT 220 to sustain me until then. I have a stock HP Pavilion desktop (warranty expired, don't worry :P) with a Pentium E5300 @2.6GHz. Not sure on the PSU, but should handle one card. Pretty sure also that it uses PCI 2.0, which I know can work with 3.0 cards. I live in the US so shipping/availability isnt a problem, and I will mostly just be gaming.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Consider this:

    And, this:

    Both are really nice options. Go with any of them. However, I personally recommend 650Ti.
  2. You need to check out the wattage on the power supply, because many of the prebuilt desktops have like a 300w rating.

    What resolution is your monitor?
  3. I like the 650Ti better too, yet the 1GB VRAM kinda scares me. Even though it performs better then the 7770, I just think that more VRAM would help. But the problem is the 2GB 650Ti is $20 over my budget (which consists of $175 laying around, but I want to buy a game with it so...).
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    If your stock PSU is 250W-300W, your only viable option is the HD7750. The other cards listed are definitely more powerful, but unless you also replace your PSU ($40 would do it, for a 450W Antec VP-450), the HD7750 (800MHz version) is the most powerful card you can safely run on your PSU. If your stock PSU is less than 250W, then you'll be limited to a HD6570.
  5. With a E5300 @2.6GHz and not knowing the psu and that you have a gt 220 which doesn't need 6-pin PCI-E power connectors i wouldn't risk with a 7770 or 650 ti...besides we don't know which is your monitor resolution, so i only would recommend the 7750 like this one :
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  7. Thanks for all the replies, but I might as well wait for Xmas and get a few parts then. I know I can possibly scrape together $1500 which will get me something decent. The build I was planning before had me at $2500 and was going to be funded by that job I am hopefully getting. If I want to upgrade I have an i5 so no problem there, just the 7950 to a 7970 possibly in the future.
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