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Looking for a new video card

looking to upgrade from my 4890, budget is $150.00

mostly use the pc for hulu, dvd, internet, live tv and recording tv, but i do game a bit too.

resolution is 1080p,(connected to my tv)

system specs:
OS: Win 8
cpu: I7-3930
Ram:16gb ram
psu: 850w bfg

is there a clear upgrade in my price range?

haven't kept up with hardware all that much in the past few yrs, so kinda clueless.

i won the cpu and mb from thg last year. i know the system is overkill for what i do mostly, but hey it was free!
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  1. There are a few graphics cards priced at around 150$. However, I would personnely go with a 6870 as they are great cards for the money, are priced at 150$, and perform better than a 650 ti.
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    If your budget is limited to $150, and your HD 4890 is dying, yeah, get the GTX 650 Ti. However, don't expect it to be a serious upgrade from what you have.

    For example the HD 4890 is in fact better in some games. E.g. in Crysis Warhead at 1920x1200, the HD 4890 gets 31 fps and the GTX 650 gets only 25 fps.

    If your HD 4890 is still working, and you want an upgrade rather than a replacement, I'd say wait a bit. Save more money, prices will drop a bit too, then upgrade to GTX 660 Ti, Radeon 7870, GTX 670 or Radeon 7950.
  3. thanks aevm
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