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Need help selecting a video card for my build

Hello all- and good day!

I am seeking advice picking out a budget friendly video card for my boy's PC build. Here are what we currently have-

Mobo- Arock 970 extreme 3
CPU- Athlon FX 6100
16 GB G Skill DDR3
600 Watt Ultra PS
1 TB WD black HDD
ASUS Blu Ray burner
In an Antec 300 Case

Now I am looking for the final two pieces of the puzzle. A video card, and windows. I've given up hope on finding a deal on windows, it is what it is. But I'd like to find a decent video card, more importantly at a decent price. I was looking at the 7770, 6850, 550 ti. Will those work with my MOBO? This is my first build, BTW. Also, this is probably a really silly question, but are all the 6850 cards the same? Or is there a difference between one brand vs another.

Lastly, the purpose of the computer will be for school work. And moderate gaming. I wish it was only for school work, but that wouldn't be the "cool" thing to use it for. And maybe even some HTPC usage. Thanks for any help.
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    School work.. we all know that what's gaming called :).

    HD 7770 would probably be the best deal for you out of those three cards. I haven't heard of this 'Ultra' PSU manufacturer, so before buying the card make sure it has one 6-pin power connector to power up the card.

    Also, you didn't tell your budget, so I cannot really recommend anything else.
  2. My apologies for leaving out the budget and thank you for the reply. I'm trying to keep it around 100 bucks. I've seen all these cards available around that price. The ultra power supply is tiger directs in house brand I believe. I will verify it has the 6 pin connector.
  3. At that budget, HD 7770 is indeed your best option.
  4. So is there one brand of 7770 that is better than another so to speak?
  5. I personally like MSI and Gigabyte ones. HIS/Asus/XFX are decent too. I would avoid Powercolor.
  6. Get this one:
    SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100358VXL Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB 128-bit GDDR5

    Really great card.
  7. Thanks for all the responses everyone. I just read that newegg will have a BF deal on a 650 ti, for only 69.99. I ordered a Gigabyte 7770 for 103 from Amazon. How does the 650 compare? Would it be worth a 30 dollar savings to cancel my Amazon order and try to get the 650 on BF?
  8. If it's regular GTX 650, it's bad. Much weaker. If it's GTX 650 Ti, it's a bit stronger.

  9. GTX 650 Ti is also a fine choice. But I personally preffer 7770, anyway you can't make a mistake between those. Unless you buy a broken card xD
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  11. Thanks for all the feedback. Guess I'll stick with the 7770, since I know it's from a good brand where as the 650 ti will be from an unknown (to be announced) brand. Chose the best answer, cuz it was the first. Thanks again everyone.
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