My computer reboots endlessly after a bad shutdown

My computer froze up last night and I couldn't resolve it, so I just turned it off at the power source. Now it just reboots to the "restart normally?" screen, accepts an option, and then restarts again. I've tried every option it gives me, and nothing gets me any further. It's a Compaq, a couple of years old, running XP. Does anyone know if it's fixable, and if so, how?
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    This is a boot error that should be relatively easy to fix. What most likely happened was a corrupting of system files on the sudden shutdown, or the computer might have froze because of corrupt system files. You should be able to fix the problem by inserting the Windows recovery disc and choosing to repair the operating system (if you cannot figure out how to do this, check an online tutorial).

    If that does not work, it would not hurt to check the BIOS to make sure that none of the settings are off.

    Good Luck
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  3. Got a boot disc, & once I figured out which options to choose it fixed everything. Thanks!
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