Blue Screen of Death after installing AMD Radeon HD 6450

Hey guys, about two weeks ago my computer monitor started to display weird horizontal lines whenever I moved my mouse and the colors were extremely bright all of a sudden and could not be changed. I figured the onboard graphics stopped working so I went out and bought an AMD Radeon HD 6450 1 gb graphics card. I disabled my onboard graphics and then installed the graphics card and the drivers that came with it. The next day my pc began to completely freeze or go to BSOD after a few minutes of use. Finally, yesterday I found that I hadn't uninstalled my old drivers for my onboard NVIDIA graphics card. So I uninstalled them, but after restarting windows aero would no longer work and I could not get windows media player to play any videos. However, the computer crashes had stopped. I decided to uninstall the AMD driver too and re-install it. After that, windows aero worked again and all was well, but the crashes started again. Does anybody know what the problem is and how I can fix it?

I have an HP Pavillion a6030n computer running Windows 7 32x with 3 gbs of ram and a 300w power supply.
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  1. Never use the drivers that come with the CD of your graphics card. You need to go and download the latest ones from AMD or from the manufacturer of the card.
  2. I didn't use the CD that came with the graphics card. I went to AMD and downloaded the driver from there. I am still getting blue screen of death or my computer is completely freezing.
  3. Hello,There is a blue screen error in my desktop.this is my config
    4gb ram
    500gb hdd
    ati radeon hd 6450 2gb ddr3
    windows 7 ultimate 64bit
    please help me...
    tell me how to solve this error..
    i updated bios version and graphics driver also...but the problem not solved..pls help me
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