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i am trying to finish up my gaming pc. i just bought a new mobo, psu, and heatsink. i plug in the psu and the lights on the mobo come on. try to power the computer from the mobo(it has a button for it) and nothing happens. and i mean nothing. none of the fans kick on(not even the one for the psu). so any idea what the issue is. (side note the psu red switch is at 115v, is that correct?)
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  1. this one is really long troubleshooting but it can save you from getting headache
  2. i think everything is a check except for the thermal gel on mobo/cpu, any idea how to clean this off to see if it is the issue. but this issue is still there is no boot what so ever, not even the psu fan is kicking on. would that really happen if the thermal gel got on the mobo
  3. so as i said before the lights on the motherboard come on but when i press the start button on it. nothing happens(and i mean nothing, no fans nothing) could thermal gel cause this?
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