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High GPU usage

November 18, 2012 9:49:41 PM

Hello, I just bought a MSI GTX 660 OC edition and downloaded the Metro 2033 demo to test it out. When I used MSI afterburner, it showed the GPU usage at around 85-99% throughout the demo. Is this GPU usage normal and is it just because of how unoptimized Metro 2033 is?

AMD Athlon 2 x4 @ 3.0ghz (yeah I know not the best cpu, but good for now)
MSI GTX 660 OC edition @ 1037mhz
4Gb of DDR3 ram @ 1333mhz
Screen Resolution of 1280x1024

Settings ingame:

-Very High
-Disabled Advanced Dof
-DX 11
-Advanced physx
-AF 16X

Average FPS (my opinion, not benchmarked) around 40-60fps. At times (the prologue just before going outside) it dips down to about 20-32 fps then when I go outside it goes up to about 30-50fps.

I suppose the question really is, does all of this look fine?

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