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GTX 660 ti or Radeon 7950

So I've been looking at upgrading my Nvidia gtx 550 ti here recently and budget has lead me to these 2 cards. I'm pretty sure either of them would be a noticeable upgrade in my system but just trying to figure out which would be the best for me. Also I've never had a Radeon, I've nothing aginst them just have always ended up with Nvidia. Mainly what I'll be pushing them with is WoW: Mist of Pandaria, Diablo 3, and prolly Call of duty black ops 2 soon just to give an idea.

As of now I can pretty much run wow in the new higher demanding content around 40-60 fps on high settings would like to achiev Ultra settings with this upgrade as well, I'll list some more info on my rig at the bottom.

Also I've noticed the gtx 660 ti is on a 192 bit memory interface like my 550 ti but the radeon 7950 is on a 384 bit memory interface was kinda wondering where all that stuff comes into play as far as performance.

Also I will be using MSI afterburner to OC which ever one i get a little bit, probably not going to mess with voltage.

Thanks in advance for your replies and let me know if you have any questions for me.

CPU: AMD FX-4170 (OC 4.7)
Motherboard: Asrock Extreme 3 970
RAM: 8gb
Video card: GTX 550ti
SSD: 128gb
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  2. Yea they seemed pretty close when I was looking up benchmarks on them. One concern I have is the Radeon's software like drivers etc compared to Nvidia. I guess what I'm saying again is I've never owned one and wonder if I can expect better, worse, or on par with Nvidia in that department. As far as the hardware they seem to be almost equals.
  3. On par, I have never experienced driver problems from either.
  4. What is your PSU? And you you OC?
    On par the 7950 is better. It competes more with the 670 with the latest drivers.
    Amd drivers are better of late than Nvida, hence the performance gains to price.
  5. Ok thanks feels good to hear that lol kind of wanted to try out the bigger memory interface and 3gb of vram : )
  6. sorry embra didn't see your post till now.
    Yea my CPU is OC to 4.7 GHz and my video card right now is as well as far as I can without messing with the voltage.

    And PSU is an Ultra 650 watt
  7. Cpu is fine. Consider a good quality PSU though.

    Have fun! ;)
  8. Thanks for the info heres a link to the one specific one I have. Think it would be enough for the card?
  9. i3lackcat777 said:
    Thanks for the info heres a link to the one specific one I have. Think it would be enough for the card?

    Yes it has enough power but is their budget unit.
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