Hard time chooseing

hello guys,

well ive been cruising on tiger direct and newegg now for some time, trying to choose a pretty damn good card.
my price range is somewhere around the 300- maybe 450 tops

right now i rock a 550ti from pny. but not really that happy with it.
was thinking bout buying another one and double em up, but i know thats just silly.

my rig is a i7 3770k OC @ 4.4
8 gig crucial ballistix
1000 watt lightning series PSU
asus P8z 77v motherboard

and i like to play games like Need for Speed the run, MW 3, Grid,GTA , and battlefield 3

any suggestions on what card would fit best for my rig?

also like to watch BR movies over my connected 60inch Plasma 3d, which is also my main screen (over HDMI)

thanks for any help or opinions

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  1. Resolution?

    Maybe an AMD 7970 with 3 free games would be good.

  2. oh sorry
    res 1920x1080
  3. For 1080p I would get the AMD 7870 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150604 its 214 after Mir benchmarks have this card getting 50 fps on bf3 at 1080p on high btw the AMD 7950 or 7970 would be overkill for what you need
  4. Also suggest the 7970 here as well. Add in those 3 free games. It's a no brainer.
  5. yeah ive been eyeballing those too for a while

    but what about this on, i kind of like the xfx ones, eventhough i must say...3 fans sre even better from the gigabit


    also, i guess i should stay way from the geforces? are they not as good?
    i had a radeon 5450 low profile, and have an 550ti now, but clearly they arent in the same leage as the 7900 series from radeon...i just dont want to choose the wrong card

    thank you
  6. the gtx 600 are fine, assuming you have no problem with FXAA over high MSAA, no interest in compute performance, and don't mind the minor performance drop in some games. but right now, with 3 free games, it's kinda hard not to go for AMD at the moment.
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