ATI Mobility Radeon 1800

I have a Dell XPS M2010 computer that I recently switched from 32 Bit Vista to 64 Bit Windows 7 Professional. This driver (ATI Mobility Radeon 1800) fails countless times every time I am on this computer. Yesterday alone, it failed 45 times.

Problems and Solutions says to update driver but when I go to Device Driver Update, it says driver is up to date and working properly. COMEON! 45 fails in one day is not proper.

I found an update on line but I am not very trusting of sites I don't know.

I have lost files too many times to count and the thought of it happening again is too much. To top that off, I have my older files backed up on an external drive but it is no longer compatible with the 64 Bit W-7.

I'm not a rocket scientist so can anyone tell me step by step what the heck to do to stop the madness?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Your graphics card is too old for windows 7. You should get a new computer. It probably shouldn't even be running vista, I'd throw xp on that thing if you want any use out of it at all.
  2. Wow, I had a feeling the answer was not going to be good. I wish Dell would have told me this computer was being weeded out of the line. I should have gotten the hint when I struggled to find a new keyboard and battery for it. With all my software, I have invested several thousand into this thing with the most recent 1500 to upgrade not even a year ago. Guess I am stuck. I certainly can't afford a new computer. I do appreciate your responce though.
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