I was hampered by hp?

Hello mates Firstly I want to be excused for my bad English.Well the problem is that when I start GPU-z firstly there show type of memory ''GDDR3'' of radeon 7690m and I did not expect this because in site of HP []
he say '''Video Graphics AMD Radeon HD 7690M Graphics with 1024MB GDDR5'''.

the model of notebook is HP DV6 6c60br.

after that I installed Aida64 and too show same thing GDDR3.but later i was go panel of control o catalyst see photos below:

catalyst show be GDDR5.

in the photos that you have been made ​​a little overclocked 600/800 up to 780/900.I was wondering if this is a bug or is normal.i installed last version of bios,installed last catalyst 11.8,Gpu-z is updated,aida64 too and is same thing ''GDDR3''.

I do not feel pleasure of playing with a videocard of type GDDR3 because i paid for one GDDR5.i bought this notebook only because of graphics card be GDDR5 and really I'm disappointed.

mates can help me?what's wrong and that to do
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  1. links working guys sorry!!link of hp

    this link is aida64 and gpu-z

    and of catalys control center

    somebody help please!!!!
  2. this hp bro max 78 graus playing crysis 2.
  3. It's GDDR5. GDDR3 has much lower memory frequency.
  4. sunius i did overclock 600/800 for 780/900,but gpu-z show gddr3 only catalyst show be gddr5 with band 57,8 gbits is very confused
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    I'm telling you man, it's GDDR5. The bandwidth would be 20 GB/s if it was GDDR3. Not 50.
  6. Hola bro Sunius,i puted photos see gpu-z say gddr3 with bandwidth 28gb and aida64 too,but catalyst show gddr5 with very confused!!!!!!i dont know what is right.******* hp!!!!
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