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Please help me by stating which gpu card is better for my res!

Guys , can anyone help me by telling me which Graphic Card is the best for my Resolution 1440 x 900 .

i want to max bf 3 at ease and other games too ! please tell me ! Budget 300-400 singapore dollars .

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  1. I am unaware of what the conversion rate from USD to SD so I am unable to tell you what card is going to fit that budget but I can tell you that the GTX660 is what is recommended to play BF3 on ultra settings or the AMD equivalent, which I believe they proved was the HD 7950
  2. okay thanks alot dude!
  3. My advice would be to get a 1080p monitor there around 120 bucks and get a AMD 7870 for 215 after Mir it gets like 50 fps on bf3 at 1080p on high settings
  4. 400 SGD = 326 Usd

    So peep1988 is right.

    First get a 1080P monitor.

    And if u can link us the shop where u would buy from . So we can know the prices.

    And plz tell us all of ur system spec. We need them so we can help you
  5. 1080 is what resolution ? srry i am not really good at it stuffs
  6. nyan said:
    1080 is what resolution ? srry i am not really good at it stuffs

    1080p is 1920x1080
  7. Simply buy a 20+ inch monitor.
  8. And a 7870.
  9. okay thanks for all the help guys. 7950 3gb or 7870 2gb
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    7590 3gb at every time. Get it its a great card.

    And for 1080p monitor will do very good. Will max every game u will throw at it :),3207.html

    And dont forget to choose the sapphire one :) (thats the best card from 7950 )

    Or asus if u want it to run cooler .
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