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Graphics Card Performance to Money

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Probably January - March.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming (CS ; GO & Battlefield 3) some incoming games also, such as GTA 5.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: None, Corsair Professional Series HX 750 Watt ATX/EPS Modular 80 PLUS Gold



PARTS PREFERENCES: Anything, probably the high end ones like MSI, EVGA or ASUS.

OVERCLOCKING: Some time in the future, but no at the moment.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: This is my first gaming rig, probably an easy clean fan and an awesome performance. :)

Thank you! :D
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  1. Budget? CPU?
  2. The Radeon 7970 is probably the most bang for your buck right now my friend. Although here's an article that can help you decide:,3107.html
  3. I am currently aiming for MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition Graphics Card 2GB which is $290, anything cheaper and better than that will do. :)

    My CPU is i5-3570k :)
  4. Bump, help please :)
  5. go for gtx 670 as its memory bandwidth is better its better to wit a& then buy at the same price or save some money & buy something good. Why not wait for blackfriday deals
  6. Is this good?

    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 660 Ti Windforce 2X OC 2GB
  7. It's decent. Though, I'd probably go for MSI Power Edition.
  8. I like it more due to heavily moded PCB :).
  9. Best answer
    I would go with GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 660 Ti Windforce 2X OC 2GB

    because its better than MSI and Asus GTX 660 Ti (In fact I'm buying that GPU), not much but 1 FPS more. I firstly selected the MSI but then read that MSI is overclocking their GPUs, so I said no to MSI and selected Gigabyte GV-N66TWF2-2GD (It is the non OC version, why pay 30 bucks more if I can OC it myself?).

    But its your choice now, If you have budget for OC version then you should go with Windforce 2X OC 2GB because it is 100 MHz OC already (Stable).
  10. i was going to buy the MSi power ed 660ti for its overclocking ability but thats now been removed somewhat as it cant do power
    now looking at a MSI Radeon HD7970 Lightning BE 3GB ,bit more $ but no issue for me had some more time to put extra $ aside
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