Windows update restart did I harm new build?

Hi, I have a new home built PC and I did something incredibly stupid. I have windows 8 installed and was doing my first windows update. It had downloaded the updates and was in the process of installing them when I accidentally hit the restart button on my case. When the PC came back on I ran windows update and it resumed exactly where it left off installing. No errors have appeared so far and all looks good. I just can't help feeling paranoid that I ruined something. Is there anything to look out for or do you think I am ok? Thank you.
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  1. maybe you hit sleep? To be safe wipe HDD and reinstall windows
  2. MeowMix44 must be kidding! There nothing to worry about! Even windows is smart enough to handle situations like that without damaging your system.
  3. I figured it was ok since it picked back right where it left off. And I haven't noticed any ill effects. I am just really nervous about ruining the new build! It is nice to hear reassurance. Not to mention any google of the topic has pages of horror stories where their computer was instantly broken!

    So I can stop worrying? :P
  4. If you detected NO problems after completion of Download and restart. NO PROMLEM.
    Might take a look at List of Installed updates, and if there was a problem with it it should show "Failed".

    I believe windows double checks the down load (Checksum value) to verify download before installing. If Checksum is incorrct it would not install.
  5. I did check the list, everything that was downloaded and installed said success.

    I was also worried since the restart happened when they were installing not downloading. But maybe it appears windows was smart enough to abort the install it was on and just reinstall when I got the computer back on.
  6. As I indicated, uSoft will do a checksum, and if checksum is not correct it will redownload the file prior to installing.

    So you should be in great shape! - ENJOY
  7. Good to know! Thank you!
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